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Drug Addiction Rehab

Teenage Drug Abuse

Are you a teenager or young adult that is currently struggling with drug abuse or alcohol abuse? Are you currently going through the same never-ending cycle of relapse and withdrawal. Have you gotten into legal trouble because of drugs or alcohol recently, or are struggling in school due to your substance abuse problems. Many of these can be tail-tale signs of substance abuse problems among teen and young adults, and can often be cries for help. Not only is teenage addiction a serious and complicated disease, but it can be especially damaging to young adults. This is because, the teenage brain is simply not ready for the complex problems of drug addiction, and it can cause permanent damage to their brain development, body, and mental health.

Drug Addiction Rehab

If you are a teen or young adult that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, one of the best things you can do is to visit some type of drug addiction rehab facility right away. Not only can they give you the expert care you need to overcome even the most severe of addictions, but they can also help medically treat your addiction with detox drugs and counseling. While there are literally dozens of different types of drug rehab programs out there, the main purpose always remains the same; to break the vicious cycle of drug addiction once and for all.

Rehab Options for Teens

teenagersTeenagers and young adults have several drug rehab options that are available to them. First of all, there are hundreds of teen rehab facilities spread throughout the country that are specifically designed to treat teenage drug abuse. A teenager also has the option of being admitted into a regular drug addiction rehab facility that services both teens and adults. While each type of facility may have its advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is to find a drug rehab program that best suits your teenager’s needs and unique drug addiction.

The length of most programs lasts anywhere from 30-90 days, but can be longer. This will include detox, counseling, therapy and addiction education. Many patients are encouraged to stay longer if they still feel they need treatment after the 30 or 90 days is up, with some patients staying for to 6 months to a year at a time. It is also important to decide if you want to go to drug rehab facility that is close to your family and friends, or find it more beneficial to change scenery completely and attend a facility that may be far from home.

Outpatient Rehab for Teens

If you can’t afford a long-term stay at an expensive inpatient residential facility, there is always the option of visiting an outpatient drug rehab program. These outpatient programs generally cost less and do not require the patient to stay at the facility overnight. The patient will simply attend the program a few days a week and continue with their normal, everyday life. This can be helpful to some teens who can benefit from having their family and friends around them while their going through treatment. Conversely, this can often be disadvantageous to some young adults who may need a more extensive inpatient program, or may benefit from being away from their current environment.

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