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Adolescent Sober Living Homes

What is a Sober Living Home?Teen Sober Living

Recovering from a drug addiction can sometimes be a lifelong process. For some, the transition from a drug rehabilitation clinic back to their previous lives can be an intimidating experience. For teenagers especially, the return home may mean a return to temptation and to the same friends and social situations that encouraged them to use drugs in the first place. An adolescent sober living home provides a safe, drug free living environment for a teen to begin rebuilding their life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Teenage Sober Living Homes

Recovering addicts in their teens need a sober living environment that is tailored to their unique circumstances. Teenage sober living homes not only provide the structure, guidance, and clinical services needed to learn to live a sober life, they also provide the peer support that is universally needed among adolescents. Teens learn coping skills needed to deal with temptation, build self-esteem, and learn how to have fun while remaining sober.

Types of Adolescent Sober Living Homes

While all adolescent sober living facilities adhere to the same principles of providing a secure and nurturing environment for recovering teen addicts, the main difference is the method in which the education is continued. Many teen sober living homes allow a student the freedom to go to school off site, and others have certified teachers who teach on site in a home schooling environment. There are also sober boarding schools that allow residents to have a true high school experience without the risk of temptation that can be found in public schools.

Length of Stay

The length of stay at an adolescent sober living home depends on a variety of factors. How well the teen is adjusting to a life of sobriety, how well the teen is utilizing coping skills for social situations, and whether or not the teen has developed the self-esteem necessary to remain sober over the long term. While most sober living homes recommend a six month to one year commitment, counselors may adjust the recommended time according to each individual’s unique circumstances. Facilities that provide on-site education may require that the student remains long enough to complete the entire school year.

What Happens After?

Leaving an adolescent sober living home does not mark the end of the recovery process. Teens may still need individual counseling, group therapy, and support groups. Counselors at the sober living home will design an aftercare program that is suited to each person’s own treatment needs.

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