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Treatment Options for My Teen

Types of Treatment Programs

Treatment Options for My TeenDrug addiction is a life destructing habit that if left untreated without proper medical attention and treatment program can destroy your teen’s as well as your family life completely. If you have a teenager who is suffering from a drug abuse or addiction problem then get him the much needed help now so that he can get back to a normal healthy life with the right guidance and support through treatment options available. These days a lot of different types of drug addiction programs are available that are classified into different categories depending upon their approaches to treatment.

However, two general type of categories in which the treatment programs fall for drug addiction are:

  • Long-Term Residential Treatment
  • Short-term Residential Treatment

Long-Term Residential Treatment Options

As the names suggests, this type of rehab and treatment program provides addict 24 hours a day care generally in a non-hospital setting. Therapeutic community is considered the best type of residential treatment model. In this model the planned length of stay for patient can be anywhere between 6 and 12 months. These types of programs focus mainly on resocialization of the patient and for this involves the whole community of the program that includes residents, staff and the social context as active part of the whole treatment program.

Short-Term Residential Treatment Options

Short term residential treatment programs as the name suggest provide relatively brief yet an intensive treatment approach that is based on the modified version of 12-step approach. In the beginning this treatment program was formulated for the treatment of alcohol problems but after the cocaine epidemic of the mid-1980s this program evolved to treat various types of substance abuse disorders. Generally, a short term drug treatment program consists of a 3-6 weeks hospital based treatment period which is then followed by a extended outpatient therapy as well as participation of the addict in a self-help group like AA.



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