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Crystal Meth Addiction

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal Meth is by far one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs you will ever come across. Not only is crystal meth addiction one of the fastest growing drug addictions in the United States, but is slowly becoming one of the most widely available drugs in the country. One of the main reasons why crystal meth has become so popular is because of the nature of the way the drug is produced. Because crystal meth is produced by combining a specific set of legal chemicals in a make-shift lab, it can be produced by almost anyone, anywhere.

Crystal meth is a very powerful methamphetamine that gets its name from the crystalline appearance of the drug. Crystal Meth is also known as Meth, Buzzard Dust, Hillbilly Crack, Jasmine, Hawaiian Salt, Crank, Crystal, Ice, just to name a few. Crystal meth is a very powerful and dangerous stimulant that produces an intense rush or feeling of euphoric pleasure, which can last for up to 8 hours or more. Crystal meth can be snorted, smoked, taken orally, or even injected intravenously.

Dangers of Crystal Meth Abuse

Not only can crystal meth be extremely addictive, but it can have a very damaging effect on the central nervous system, immune system, and overall health of the individual. Besides being one of the most addictive drugs there is, it can cause severe, and often irreversible mental and physical deterioration. One reason why crystal meth is so problematic is because of the dangerous short term effects it can have on somebody just trying out the drug. Because crystal meth increases the levels of dopamine in the brain to extreme levels, frequent use can actually damage the areas of the brain that create dopamine naturally, causing severe depression when they’re not using the drug. Because these individuals can no longer feel happiness the same way without using crystal meth, this can lead to continued and more frequent use.

crystal-methCrystal meth can also decrease your appetite, destroy the enamel in your teeth, and can wreak havoc on your ability to sleep. Short term crystal meth use can also cause widespread behavioral changes including increased agitation, violent outbursts, paranoia, anxiety, psychotic tendencies, as well as suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Long Term Effects

While the short term effects of crystal meth is definitely scary, the long term effects can be downright frightening. Because the chemicals used to make crystal meth include extremely toxic substances such as drain cleaner, lantern fuel, and battery acid, these all can have profoundly damaging effects to the body over time, including damaging delicate brain tissue, as well as a wide range of central nervous system problems. Crystal meth can also increase your blood pressure overtime making you more susceptible for sudden heart attacks and strokes. Long term crystal meth use can also cause extreme mental health disorders such as violent mood swings, paranoia, hallucinations and even psychosis.

If you’re a teen or young adult currently struggling with drug abuse to crystal meth, do not hesitate to seek treatment right away. Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs in the world and can cause irrecoverable and permanent damage in even just a short period of time. Do not throw your life away.

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