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Teen Alcohol Abuse

teen_and_dadA recent study on teen alcohol abuse done last year shows that by the time most kids reach Eighth Grade, nearly 50% have had at least one drink. Even more staggering, 85% of high school seniors have reported to having at least one alcoholic beverage at some point. Moreover, 63% of the high school seniors have reported to have being intoxicated at least one time in their lives. These studies, as well as many others, clearly show that not only is teen drinking on the rise, but teens are starting to experiment with alcohol earlier and earlier then in the past.

The consumption of alcohol amongst many teens is becoming so regular that many parents who have teenage children do not even care if their teen is consuming alcohol, and some parents even buy it for them. Not only is teenage alcohol abuse the cause for such things as declining grades and irrational behavior, but many studies show that life long alcohol addiction can be traced back to teenage abuse. Furthermore, early alcohol addiction can lead to more serious addiction problems down the line including drug abuse.

Teen Alcohol Abuse Signs To Look Out For

If you think your teen may be consuming, or abusing alcohol there are many tell tale behavioral signs you can look out for. These include:

  • Irrational Behavior
  • Mood Swings
  • Coming home late stumbling or carrying on excessively
  • Shaking

While these may only be a few characteristic signs of teenage drinking, it is important to remember that you as a parent know your child better than anyone. If your noticing strange and suspicious behavior coming from your teen and you may suspect alcohol may be a factor, don’t be afraid to confront your teenager about it and come out and ask your teen if they have been drinking alcohol.

Communicate With Your Teen

One of the most important things a parent can do when confronted with the problem of teenage drinking is to effectively communicate with your child about all the dangers associated with teenage drinking. You may want to educate your child on the dangers alcohol has on a young person’s body, or how teenage alcohol use can lead to a lifelong addiction. You may want to explain to your teen the dangers alcohol plays in situations like drunk driving and explain to them how many lives have been lost due to the combination of alcohol and motor vehicles.

Parents can even take more drastic steps to ensure that their child will think twice about teenage drinking. Some of these may be to take your child to an AA meeting and let your child see how alcohol damages lives firsthand. Maybe another is to have your child speak with a mother or father who has lost someone due to drunk driving and have them help to explain to your child what a dangerous drug alcohol can be. After these proactive solutions, your teenage son or daughter will surely think twice before consuming alcohol before the age of 21.

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