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Warning Signs of Teen Drug Use

Warning Signs of Teen Drug UseWith more and more teenagers experimented with drugs and alcohol every year, it is no surprise that teen drug and alcohol usage rates are at an all time high. Furthermore, teen drug abuse is starting earlier and earlier for many teens than in years past, just as drugs are becoming more widespread and accessible than ever before. With more parents looking the other way, and a culture that is glamorizing drug and alcohol use every day, it is important that parents know the warning signs of teen drug use so they become the first and last line of defense against teenage drug addiction.

Be Accountable

Learning how to spot the warning signs of teen drug use is often the first line of defense parents have in curtailing teenage drug use. Many parents are so occupied with their work, financial or marital problems at home, they often overlook their child’s changes in behavior or may miss the fact their child is calling out for help. Early alcohol abuse in teens can often be a sign of an unhappy home life or further related family problems. It is never a bad idea to ask your teen openly if there are any problems at home they would like to discuss. You might be surprised to see how receptive your teen might be.

Look Out For Warning Signs of Teen Drug Use

When trying to find out if your child has been experimenting, or may even be addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are certain tell tale signs parents can use to identify if there children are using these dangerous substances.

  • Behavioral Signs – Often times identifying certain key behavioral signs may be one of the best indicators your child is using drugs or alcohol. These may include, but not be limited to, mood swings, telling lies, becoming abusive, depression, insomnia, spending less time with friends or family, even spending too much time on the toilet can sometimes be indicator.
  • Change in Group of Friends – If you have started to notice an abrupt change in your child’s group of friends, this can often be an indicator that something may be wrong in your teenagers life. Also, if your teen seems to be hanging out with untrustworthy new friends that look like they may be up to something, more often times your probably right. Trust your instincts.
  • Noticing Money Missing – Because many drugs are expensive and teenagers have a lack of money to begin with, there is only one source the money can come from, the parent. If you start noticing cash missing from your wallet or purse on a regular basis, your teen may be using it for drugs or alcohol. Keep an eye out for any missing jewelry or valuable items as well that may turn up missing.
  • Drug Paraphernalia – If you start finding drug paraphernalia around your house or teenagers room like razor blades, syringes, rolling papers, matches, pipes, pill bottles, even posters or t-shirts of drug or alcohol use, your child may be at risk. Oftentimes teenagers wish to express themselves openly and can give you clues to there behavior by the way they may dress or what music they listen to. Pay attention!

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