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Teen Alcohol Rehab

Teen Alcohol RehabThe consumption of alcohol by teens is becoming such a regular staple in our 21st century society, that many teens will not even attend a social gathering unless there is alcohol present. What is even more startling is that alcohol consumption among teens is on the rise, as well as teens having their first drink at a younger and younger age. Studies show that 70% of teens have had at least one drink even before they reached there 18th birthday, while 45% of teens before the age of 18 have reported to have been intoxicated at least once. 7-10% of teens even report they drink more than 5 drinks per day. All before the tender age of 18 years old.

Alcohol Addiction Among Teens

All current studies are seeming to reveal the same nefarious outcome, that alcohol consumption and addiction among teens is on the rise. While many teens may consume alcohol to fit in or as a way of making friends, many teens do not fully realize the risks that alcohol consumption has on the body at a young age. Because the body is still developing, drinking alcohol during these years can:

  • Derail development
  • Damage the kidneys
  • Damage the liver
  • Lead to impotence among males over a long term basis
  • Loss of mental and physical energy

While many teenagers may view drinking as something “cool” to do in there high school years, the facts still remain that drinking alcohol during your late developing stages can be one of the worst decisions you can ever make.

Does Your Child Have a Drinking Problem?

Many teenagers are reluctant to admitting they have a drinking problem, as are parents in accepting that their child might have an alcohol related disease. It is important as a parent to speak openly with your child about his or her own drinking problems, and without judgment try to get to the bottom of why your teen is drinking alcohol. Many times you have only to explain to your child the real dangers alcohol has on the human body, as well as what it can do to family members and friends. One of the best things a parent can do to show this to their children is to take your teen to an Alcohol Anonymous meeting, better known as AA. Here teenagers will see for themselves what alcohol is really about, and the kind of effect it has on people’s lives and they will surely think twice before having another drink anytime soon.

Teen Alcohol Rehab Centers

However, sometimes by the time you find out about your child’s alcohol addiction problem, it is often too late for many parental solutions. Oftentimes, when a teen has reached this state it might be time to consider taking your teen to a teen alcohol treatment center where they can get the best professional help possible. Teen alcohol rehab centers are different than adult based rehab facilities, in that they are specifically designed for teenagers who have drinking problems. Here they will get the help they desperately need and you can have the piece of mind as a parent to know that your doing everything in your power to help them.

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