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Teen Drug Addiction Support Groups

Drug Addiction Support Groups

Teen Drug Addiction Support GroupsIf you are suffering from a drug addiction problem and want to give up your life destroying habit then support groups can be an invaluable source of help, assistance, guidance as well as motivation for you. These drug addiction support groups go a long way in helping a person not only to kick his habit and maintain sobriety but also provide them with a safe haven where they get the right support to maintain their healthy lifestyle and also discuss the challenges that they seem to face every day. Support groups offer recovering addicts a chance to connect with others who have also given up a life of drug addiction or abuse and this connection helps in reducing the feelings of isolation, hopelessness as well as fear. The support offered in these groups goes a long way in helping a patient remain positive and motivated as members have others they can turn to and lean upon when you find yourself facing hard times.

What to Expect from Drug Addiction Support Groups?

No matter which support group you join, the main aim of each one of these group is to help addicts abstain from alcohol or drugs through self-directed change and to empower a person to go on with his life without the destructive crutches of addiction. These groups mostly take help from various cognitive behavioural therapies that help maintain motivation to abstain, cope with cravings, problem solving as well as maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Types of Support Groups

The different types of support groups for drug addiction are:

  • Narcotics Anonymous – One of the most popular as well as widely available support groups for drug addicts in treatment and recovery and unlike Alcoholic Anonymous this program is open to substance abuse problems of all kinds.
  • SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) – This program aims on helping the addict from drugs as well as alcohol through self-empowerment and self-directed change.
  • The 12 Steps – A spiritual support group that has a set of 12-step process that belies that God or a higher power can give you strength to forego your habit.
  • Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS) – Unlike 12-step group, SOS is an international organization that works on a science-based empowerment approach that works in abstaining and recovering from drug addiction.

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