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How to Talk to Your Teen about Bad Influences

Preventing Your Teen from Associating with Bad Influences

teen-bad-influenceIt is true that teenager years are some of the most difficult years for parents especially about the bad influences that may come from their peers. You are worried all the time as to what he is doing, where he is going and who he is meeting. At some level your worry is justifiable because your teens friends can very well prove to be either a very good influence on you or in some unfortunate cases a very bad influence on him.

A lot of health surveys and studies show that peer pressure is one of the major contributors of promoting drug abuse and addiction. This is why it is extremely important that you prevent your teen from associating with bad influences and give them a safe and secure environment.

Are Your Teens Friends a Bad Influence?

If you want to make sure that your teen’s friends are a bad influence on them then there are a few warning signals that can work as red flags. These are:

  • Suddenly your teen has started acting out and behave in an unnaturally rude manner, you also notice that he is mostly like to be with a particular set of friends and acts out mostly when they are around
  • Even before he starts using drugs you will see him gravitating towards kids who have a favourable attitude towards use of drugs

Talking about Disassociation of Bad Influences

It is extremely important that you have a frank chat with your teen about his friends and how he needs to disassociate with them in order to lead a healthy life. Have a series of small and casual conversations. Bring up the topic in the car or in front of the television when a famous person comes out with a drug problem.

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