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Underage Drinking Risks

What is Underage Drinking?

Underage Drinking Risks

Underage drinking can be simply defined when an individual who is under the minimal legal age of 21 drinks alcohol. Unfortunately, underage drinking is a phenomenon that is very common and has seen an alarming rise in the past few years. In fact drinking is a risk that has attracted many developing teens and in a lot of cases has pushed them into the dark world of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Most of the time when teenagers try alcohol they do not realize the damaging effect drinking can have on their lives as well as the lives of their family.

Underage Drinking Risk

Surveys show that young people do drink less than adults but when they do indulge in alcohol they tend to drink more than adults. There are obvious risks to drinking at a young age and all them can be put in the category of being severe. These risks include:

  • Severe injuries – 190,000 underage individuals who visited the emergency room in 2008 were there due to alcohol related injuries
  • Increased risk of sexual and physical assault – Surveys and studies show that youngsters who drink are more likely to be victims or carry out physical and sexual assault
  • Death – 5,000 deaths every year under the age of 21 are due to alcohol related car-crashes, suicides, alcohol poisoning and homicides
  • Impaired judgement – Drunk decisions often lead to disasters like violence and legal trouble

Recognizing the Signs of Underage Drinking

If you suspect that your teen is indulging in underage drinking then these warning signs can help you confirm your fears. These signs include:

  • Sudden drop in academic performance
  • Disturbing behavioral problems in school
  • Sudden change of friends or social group
  • Messy physical appearance and less interest in usual activities
  • Concentration or memory problems

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