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When Your Teen Lies about Abusing Drugs

Teen Lies about Abusing DrugsWhy Teens Lie about Drug Use

Drug abuse or addiction problem is a life threatening issue and can destroy a person’s life completely. It is not just your teenager but even adults who are abusing drugs who stay in denial or hide their habit from the close ones around you. The main reason behind hiding or outright denying a drug abuse problem is quite simple and it is guilt. Most of the abusers know and understand very well that what they are doing is wrong and even after knowing this fact they find themselves powerless to stop this is why they always try to hide or lie about their habit.

Why Teens Abuse Drugs

There are a lot of factors that contribute to teen drug abuse. These factors can range from insecurity to a desire for social acceptance. The various reasons for teen drug abuse include:

  • Family history of drug abuse
  • A mental disorder like depression or anxiety
  • Aggressive or impulsive behaviour
  • Being a victim of abuse in early childhood or history of traumatic events
  • Low self esteem and feelings of social rejection
  • Academic failure and relations with a peers who abuse drugs
  • Lack of a normal and loving relationship with parents

Tips on What to Do if your Teen Lies about Drug Use

If your gut tells you that your teen is lying about drug problems then take action now. Here are few things you can do:

  • Trust your instincts – Do not ever discount your concerns about your teen’s behaviour. If the cough syrup you had in the cabinet suddenly disappears then ask about it.
  • Educate yourself – It is important that you have full knowledge of drug abuse, and the warning signs that help ring alarm bells for you.
  • Do not act rashly and do not take it personally – It is true that you may see red when you find that your teen is abusing drugs but remember acting angry and yelling will get your child no help and may even worsen the situation
  • Get Help immediately – As soon as you know there is a problem- do not wait for tomorrow or keep it in the family to avoid bad name. Get expert help because that is the only way your child is going to recover.


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