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What to Do if my Teen Asks About my Past?

Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Talk To Your Teens

Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

The abuse and addiction of alcohol and is very common and is something that is bound to have some really disastrous consequences. According to survey reports 50% of the deaths in the age group of 15-24 year somehow or the other involves the use of alcohol or drugs. Apart from this, drugs and alcohol also play a major contributing role in situations of sexual and physical aggression such as assault and rape.

Most of the teens do not realize that repeated or regular use of drugs do not get them away from their problems but only increase their problems in the form of health issues as well as emotional issues like anxiety and depression.

Talking to Your Teen about Drug Abuse and Alcoholism

It is true that talking to your teen about underage drinking or drug abuse may be awkward as you might not know what to say or your teen may try to avoid the conversation. However, this conversation is important and you do not have to cover everything at once. Take your time and when you talk, you might:

  • Ask your teen’s view about alcohol and drug abuse
  • Share facts about drug and alcohol abuse and how it can slow the body and mind
  • Debunk your teen myths about drugs and alcohol that it makes them popular and happy
  • Discuss reasons why drinking is such a bad idea
  • Plan way together to handle peer pressure
  • Be prepared to discuss your drinking when you were underage yourself

Talking About My Past to My Teen

Talking about your own past and your interaction with drugs and alcohol with your teenagers is a difficult task. You may also think that talking about your own discretions can send a message that, “Mom and Dad survived, so what’s the harm?”

However, talking about your own mistakes in teenage will help your child understand that sometimes these mistakes can turn deadly, however if you learn from these mistakes and rectify it that you are on the right path.

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