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How to Prevent Teen Alcohol Abuse

Why Teens Abuse Alcohol

Prevent Teen Alcohol AbuseAccording to health surveys, the average age at which an American boy has his first drink is 11; for a girl that age is 13. This is a very sad but very true fact and just goes on to show how a large number of our young population is headed towards a life of destruction and darkness from a very small age.

There are certain factors and reasons that play key role in influencing a teenagers drinking behavior. These are:

  • Genetic factors – Kids with an alcoholic sibling or parent are four times more likely to get involve in the abuse of alcohol
  • Presence of emotional and mental disorders – Depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are often accompanied by problems with alcohol
  • Gender – It is generally seen that men are more heavy drinkers than women

Talking to Your Teen about Alcohol

As a parent, teacher, or responsible family member, it is very important that you openly and honestly talk about alcohol with young people. If you are able to delay the age at which a teenager has his first drink than you are also lowering their risk of developing alcohol drinking problems. Talking to adolescents about alcohol can be one of the most effective ways to prevent teen alcohol abuse and allow teens to live a happy, sober life.

When you are talking about underage drinking, you should:

Ask your teen’s views

  • Share facts
  • Debunk myths
  • Discuss reasons not to drink
  • Plan ways to handle peer pressure
  • Be prepared to discuss your own drinking

How to Treat Teen Alcohol Abuse

If you suspect that your teenager has developed a serious drinking problem or alcohol abuse problem then you must not delay in getting him or her professional medical help. Remember, that this is serious situation and it can only be treated with the help of a proper alcohol rehab and treatment program.

Contact your teenager’s counselor or a health care professional who specializes in handling alcohol problem. He will provide you as well as your teen the much needed guidance and support to tackle the situation and will also direct you towards the right alcohol rehab and treatment program.

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