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Top 5 Long Term Effects of Teen Alcohol Abuse

[AdSense-A]Mixing alcohol with driving is not just foolhardy but also a decision that can prove to be quite fatal for your life. One needs to remember that alcohol is a depressant which affects your reaction time, coordination, vision, judgement as well decision making ability quite adversely. How can one even think about driving safely after drinking when you cannot even see, think or move around or react quickly? Driving under the influence of alcohol is often the top reason of car crashes and accidents. Drinking and driving can be considered the most dangerous teen alcohol abuse effects.

Driving is a task that requires you to be extremely alert and responsible; one needs to have quick reflexes, great multitasking skills as well as accurate perception. Even one drink can turn the safest of driver into a irresponsible one.

Alcohol not only affects your driving but it can also has adverse effect in the long term as well as short term.

5 Top Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Teen Alcohol Abuse Effects

  1. Potential for loss of life and liberty, serious injury caused by driving while impaired
  2. Heavy drinking can also lead to alcohol poisoning and even death
  3. Disruption of normal brain development
  4. Anemia that is caused due to low levels of Vitamin B and iron
  5. Long term use leads to alcoholism

Other Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

  • Damage to liver or cirrhosis of liver
  • Failure and destruction of organs as well as stomach and intestinal ulcers
  • Increased blood pressure that can lead to strokes and heart disease
  • Male sperm production decrease
  • Decrease brain mass and brain cells die
  • If a pregnant mother is an alcoholic it can lead to alcohol syndrome in unborn child

Short Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse

  • Lowered inhibitions and poor concentration
  • Slow reflexes and reaction time
  • Slower brain activity and reduced reaction time
  • Perceptions and sensations become less clear
  • Altered emotions and confused behavior
  • Poor vision and slurred speech
  • Abnormal sleepiness
  • Lower core body temperature
  • Black out

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